Sociodéco is a trademark owned by the Quebec company Atelier Spécialisé les Moulins (ASLM). This socio-professional integration company in the manufacturing sector works in the manufacture of upholstered furniture and structures, while being socially responsible to the Quebec community by offering training courses for clients far from the labor market.

We are a place par excellence to ensure the integration into the labor market of back-to-work workers, distinguishing ourselves by rigorous and stimulating supervision within a true manufacturing company. Our mission is to train and supervise people wishing to develop technical and social skills while making sure to maintain high quality standards of 100% made in Quebec products.


Our carefully designed quality products are found in specialty store chains across the country. By shopping on our store, you will have the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer without any intermediary in order to have access to the best prices while contributing to the social mission of the ASLM organization.